Expert Orthopedic Care

Texas Health Southlake offers expert care for Joint Replacement and Orthopedic problems. The surgeons at Texas Health Southlake are highly-trained in minimally invasive treatments and advanced orthopedic care.

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Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake orthopedic physicians are committed to excellence in patient care while expanding the field of orthopedic surgery with groundbreaking research and new surgical techniques such as Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement.

Our staff has extensive experience in orthopedic surgery, from simple outpatient treatments to the most complex joint replacement operations. These physicians must have a minimum of five years plus two years clinical practice before they become certified. The subspecialties of Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Surgery of the Hand require additional training and certification. Our facility also offers the latest in radiology and diagnostics technology, allowing surgeons to identify patients’ individual problems and provide the most accurate diagnosis.

Joint Replacement

Joint pain is the result of a variety of factors, most commonly osteoarthritis, which wears down cartilage. Our orthopedic surgeons have specialized fields of interest, including hip, knee and shoulder. By performing total or partial muscle-sparing joint replacement surgeries, our goal is to relieve disabling joint pain-and along with therapy and rehabilitation, help restore daily function.

Treatment of the Upper Extremities

Our specialists include physicians with additional training in diseases, injuries, or abnormalities affecting the shoulder, hand, wrist and elbow. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake orthopedists offer individualized treatment programs ranging from conservative rehabilitation and bracing for fractures, dislocations and tendon injuries-to complex procedures such as shoulder instability surgery and replantations/reattachments of amputations. The specialty includes the performance of microvascular surgery, which is necessary for reattachment of amputated fingers or limbs. Hand surgeons are certified in general surgery, orthopedic surgery or plastic surgery and then complete additional training and testing in hand surgery.

Our team of physicians, researchers and clinical service providers evaluate patients and create a comprehensive treatment program for their specific condition. Physicians work with patients to choose the course of action that will yield the best results, using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.

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