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Physical Therapy Center

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Our therapists and athletic trainers use the latest technology to measure your range of motion and strength, to facilitate your rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. We have improved hundreds of lives by offering professional treatment in a wide variety of areas.

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Joint Replacement Rehabilitation:

Our therapists are highly experienced in the process of helping you recover from any of these procedures. We will utilize various strength, range of motion and manual exercises/techniques to properly advance you through your stages of recovery safely and efficiently. It may be necessary to follow restrictions or precautions regarding the use of the joint recently replaced during the initial stages of your recovery. We are happy to answer any questions you may have related to your restrictions and how you may be able to accomplish tasks using alternative methods.

Hand Therapy:

Our hand program will help you recover from various conditions and injuries as quickly as possible. We work with a variety of diagnoses including, but not limited to, wrist and finger fractures, tendon repairs, ligament repairs, amputations and hand wounds. We use a variety of modalities to help manage pain and inflammation, improve wound healing, manage edema and to facilitate tendon movement. Examples of available modalities include electrical stimulation, neuromuscular stimulation, laser therapy, and ultrasound. We also educate patients on appropriate body mechanics and joint protection to prevent re-injury and assist patients in their ability to self-manage their injuries or conditions. We also fit patients with custom dynamic and static splints as needed.

Fall Prevention and Balance Program:

We offer a comprehensive fall prevention and balance program. This program uses research based, fall risk assessments and equipment specifically designed to improve balance, agility, and muscle tone. Your initial evaluation will help the therapist to determine an individualized program to properly address any strength and balance deficits.

About Biodex Balance System SD:

The Biodex Balance System was designed to improve balance, agility, and increase muscle tone. It also has the capability of helping therapists and certified athletic trainers complete fall risk assessments as well as complete the balance assessment/training related to sports concussion management. The Biodex Balance System can help patients determine their weight bearing status, which may be reduced to protect the healing tissues following surgery.

Return to Sport Program:

Our staff of licensed therapists and certified athletic trainers will provide you with a program to help you return to the sport of your choice as quickly and safely as possible. They also work hard to develop a program which may help to prevent future injuries related to sporting activities.

Sport Specific Strengthening and Conditioning Program:

With each sport comes a different set of needs regarding strength, balance, control, and skill. Our therapists and certified athletic trainers work closely with the patient to develop a program fitting their sport and position's specific needs. It is our goal to properly prepare the patient to compete at their highest ability and to properly address or prevent any injuries.

Sports-Related Injury Rehabilitation:

When competing in any sport, there is always the risk of injury. These risks exist for individuals at any age. It is our goal to safely and efficiently help patients who have sustained an athletic injury to regain the strength, motion, agility, speed, and endurance-to be able to return to their desired recreational activities.

Wound Care:

There are many reasons you may develop an open wound to your body. We specialize in the treatment of wounds acquired through trauma, infection, and amputation. Our therapists are ready to help in your healing process. The process begins with the evaluation of your wound and is followed by the prescribed treatment. Our therapist will educate you on how to properly manage your particular wound between treatment sessions.