Standards and Commitments

As an employee of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake, I recognize that I am part of a team focused on excellence and committed to patient, physician and employee satisfaction.

I will show my Commitment to Patients and their families through my words and actions by:

When transferring telephone calls:

Uphold HIPAA standards of patient care and confidentiality in all dealings with patients and others:

Not discussing my problems with patients nor will I place blame on others.

Recognizing that the patient’s time is valuable and will provide patients with prompt service, letting them know of any delays and ensuring their comfort while they wait.

Conveying my concern and willingness to serve in the professionalism of my appearance and manner, adhering to my department’s dress code as appropriate.

Striving to keep the patient’s environment as pleasant as possible by limiting noise in patient areas.

Taking pride in our facility and conveying that pride to the patients, their families and other staff members.

Remaining friendly and courteous, stopping to offer help if I believe it is needed, and offering directions or escort to other areas of the facility.

Remembering to thank patients for choosing to use our facility because I know they always have a choice in their healthcare and am thankful they have chosen TEXAS HEALTH HARRIS METHODIST HOSPITAL SOUTHLAKE.

I will uphold the CHOICE Standards and reveal my Commitment to Physicians and Co-Workers through my words and actions by:

Coming to work each day with a positive attitude and striving to leave any negativity at the door.

Conveying my concern and willingness to be a part of the team by helping other employees when needed and by keeping my interactions with others professional and respectful without arguing or judging.

Doing my part to ensure the workload is shared by being flexible and helping others when needed.

Showing my constant commitment to the Physicians and my coworkers by treating them with courtesy, consideration and respect.

Being aware that conversations I am having can be heard by others and striving to resolve any issues with my coworkers before going up the chain of command or involving anyone else.

Being a problem-solver and own issues until they are resolved and seeking help when I do not know the answer to a question.

Being supportive of new employees, helping them wherever I can and setting an example of the cooperation expected in the workplace.

Respecting the privacy of other employees by not discussing matters of a sensitive nature.

Adhering to the policies and procedures of my department and will follow the chain of command when issues arise.

Using the resources of the hospital wisely.

Upholding the CHOICE standards:

I will focus on Cultural Diversity, Quality Care and a Culture of Safety by:

Being proud to recognize the value of a diverse workforce and customer base and remaining open to new viewpoints, ideas and talents. I am open to learning about new cultures and providing culturally competent care.

Following the guidelines as set forth in the hospital’s policies and procedures.

Committing to “zero tolerance” for intimidation and disruptive behaviors and strive to maintain a culture of safety and quality throughout the hospital.

Committing to ensure that our culture does not support rudeness or inappropriate body language when interacting with patients, visitors, physicians or co-workers.

Committing to uphold the measures that support compliance with the National Patient Safety Goals.

Recognizing the importance of a safe workplace and will practice safety in my interactions with my co-workers.

Practicing appropriate hand hygiene and encourage others to do the same.

Striving to maintain a healthy work/life balance and will try to make time to serve my community as well.

As an employee of TEXAS HEALTH HARRIS METHODIST HOSPITAL SOUTHLAKE, I will strive to go “above and beyond” my job duties to ensure the continued success of our facility, the staff and myself. I will always remember the CHOICE standards in my dealings with others and will remember that I am a vital link in the chain of excellence that is TEXAS HEALTH HARRIS METHODIST HOSPITAL SOUTHLAKE.